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Faculty of Restoration, University of Pardubice is located in the small charming historical town of Litomysl. Litomysl is a town of history, culture and cuisine.

Faculty of Restoration (FR UPa) provides undergraduate (Bachelor) and post-graduate (Master) courses in art conservation.

Although FR UPa provides all courses in the Czech language, for incoming students partial English guidance and teaching is given + exams can be taken in English in most courses. Contact the faculty coordinator for the choice of your courses.

Facilities and benefits for FR UPa students:

• Up to date conservation laboratories

• Specialised art-conservation library

• Faculty dormitory

• 2 meals in the school canteen for a reduced price

FR UPa accepts applications for short-term study or practical stays

(1 month – 1 semester) – Erasmus+, CEEPUS and also other types of stays

General requirements for incoming students

Specific requirements (FR UPa):

• similar study background (students from art conservation faculties only)

• Portfolio of art and conservation works and projects

• Letter of application

• English – B2 level

International office

Studying in a foreign country is a big step in the students life. We are aware of that and, therefore, we have set up a support system named the Office of International Affairs, which may help students to make such a step.

The International Office supports incoming international students with various practical matters and official procedures, such as application and registration procedures, the choice of courses and timetables, accommodation costs and social life. All the procedures and information are regularly updated on the university web page:

• Application forms for incoming students

• ECTS Course Catalogue (courses of the FR UPa to be consulted with the faculty coordinator)

• ECTS forms for Erasmus students

• Accommodation forms

Everyone interested in studying at the Faculty of Restoration shall contact the faculty mobility coordinator:

Looking for research at the University of Pardubice:

address University Pardubice
Faculty of Restoration
Jiráskova 3
570 01 Litomyšl

phone +420 466 036 594
+420 466 036 590 (switchboard operator) 


Mobility coordinator