Studio of Restoration and Conservation of Paper, Bookbinding and Documents

The goal of this specialization is to familiarize students with the degradation of materials, conservation and restoration methods, and preventive measures. The practical curriculum gives the students an opportunity to work with drawings, paintings, modelling, graphic techniques, photography and bookbinding.

This is a specialized field requiring the mastery of technological procedures and high levels of manual craftsmanship. Compliance with ethical principles is also essential. Specialized knowledge in the natural sciences, history, codicology and the history of applied arts is needed.

Since this area of study concerns the restoration and conservation of historical artifacts kept especially in libraries, archives, museums and galleries, the curriculum involves the participation of experts from the National Library of the Czech Republic, the State Central Archives of the Czech Republic and Applied Arts Museum in Prague. These organizations are also the key guarantors of this field in the Czech Republic.

An indivisible part of the paper restoration and conservation field is mastery of bookbinding restoration and conservation issues in general. Orientation also on other materials used in the bookbinding, such as textiles, wood, metals, leather and parchment, ivory, horn and nacre is a need. The restoration and conservation of seals and documents is also an integral part of the curriculum, although it is a separate field of art.

The restoration of paper, documents, and book-binding preservation is the only specialization of this kind in the Czech Republic.

Students are educated in the following fields:

  • general drawing, painting and basic methods of graphic arts,
  • artistic aspects of records and literary culture,
  • natural sciences - with a stress on understanding of causes of degradation of paper, parchment, skin and other archival materials,
  • conservation and restoration methods,
  • prevention, climatology, keeping of records,
  • aesthetics and philosophy of fine arts,
  • history of art and auxiliary historical sciences,
  • history of literary culture,
  • training in the basic arts-and-craft techniques (graphic and bookbinding), illumination on paper and parchment etc.- compiling restoration reports and documentation.

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Faculty of Restoration
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Faculty of Restoration
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