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The youngest body of the University was established in 2005 to broaden the educational activities, research and applied international projects in the field of arts, art restoration techniques and technologies carried on in the city of Litomyšl since 1993. The Faculty belongs to those few and unique workplaces of the Czech universities, which provide higher education in the field of art restoration.
The goal of the study programme in the Arts is to prepare students for work in the professional field of historical preservation and restoration within their specialization. The students are provided with thorough knowledge of artistic and applied arts, history of art and selected fields of natural sciences. Theoretical background of natural sciences and history of art is integrated in practical accomplishments in the field of materials, methods and technologies of restoration. Special attention is paid to the ethics and aesthetics of restoration, international and national historical monument care principles, relevant legislation, economics and foreign languages. Supervised by recognized professionals, students get involved in numerous restoration works in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The graduates are able independently, or in cooperation with experts from other fields, to design restoration and conservation projects including research, diagnosis, artistic and historical assessment, restoration design using the state-of-the-art methods accompanied by complete documentation in order to help to protect national heritage in the Czech Republic or abroad.
Bachelor´s degree courses (title of BcA.)
Restoration and Conservation of Stone and Related Materials
Restoration and Conservation of Wall Painting and Sgraffito
Restoration and Conservation of Paper, Bookbinding and Documents
Restoration and Conservation of Artworks on Paper and Related Materials
Master´s degree courses (title of MgA.)
Restoration and Conservation of Wall Painting, Sculpture Works and Architecture Surfases
Restoration and Conservation of Written Artworks on Paper