The idea to establish a restoration school with an interdisciplinary character was born during discussions of the restoration and conservation specialists, who, in early 1990s, were working on the restoration of Josef Váchal’s wall paintings in the house of Josef Portman, the printer and publisher of bibliophile book editions in the city of Litomyšl.

However, the school would not have been established without the enlightened and generous support provided by the city of Litomyšl. Moral support was also provided by The National Heritage Institute Regional Branch in Pardubice and the Headquarters in Prague.

The Litomyšl School of Restoration and Conservation Techniques (Škola restaurování a konzervačních technik v Litomyšli) was established in 1993 as a three-year post-secondary study programme recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The school was founded by the Paseka Foundation, established by the publisher Ladislav Horáček.

In 1996, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports listed the school among tertiary professional schools. In autumn of the same year, The Tertiary Professional School of Restoration and Conservation Techniques gained legal capacity as a private non-profit organization (Vyšší odborná škola restaurování a konzervačních technik, o. p. s.).

In the academic year 2000–2001, the first lessons started at the Institute of Restoration and Conservation Techniques (Institut restaurování a konzervačních technik, o.p.s.).

Since 1st October 2005, the tradition of education in the field of restoration and conservation has been carried on by the Faculty of Restoration.   

The Faculty of Restoration offers study programmes at two levels: the accredited four-year undergraduate and accredited two-year follow-up postgraduate level. The undergraduate study programme Arts is further divided into four fields of study, depending on the material and nature of the works of art involved.

The goal of the programme is to prepare specialists in the field of restoration and conservation of works of fine and decorative arts and cultural heritage objects, with sufficient grounding in humanities, related natural sciences and chemical technologies, capable of using the state-of-art conservation methods. Attention is paid to ethical and aesthetic aspects of restoration and cultural heritage care including the orientation in relevant legislation.

The graduates are qualified for a demanding profession of an independent restorer and conservator of works of fine and decorative arts. They are prepared for both working independently in the field or as members of restoration teams, as well as for the work in museums, galleries or archives. Acquired expertise, a broad range of skills as well as general knowledge opens up a career in educational institutions or state-sponsored national heritage organizations. Thanks to the attention paid to their language competence and participation in international restoration projects, graduates gain excellent qualification to be employed in artwork and historic monument restoration and conservation projects even on an international scale.


Study at the Faculty of Restoration is conducted in Czech language only. At the accredited undergraduate level, students can specialize in four fields of study:

Restoration and Conservation of Stone and Related Materials

Restoration and Conservation of Wall Painting and Sgraffito

Restoration and Conservation of Paper, Bookbinding and Documents

Restoration and Conservation of Artworks on Paper and Related Materials

The accredited follow-up postgraduate study is divided into two fields of study:

Restoration and Conservation of Wall Painting, Sculpture Works and Architecture Surfaces

Restoration and Conservation of Written Artworks on Paper

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