Studio of Art Preparation

The fine art training of the students is focused on the preparation of future restorers in all specialised study programmes. It runs continuously in three gradual phases during the whole period of study. The general training consists of drawing, graphic, painting and sculptural preparation considering the specifications of all subjects. Its main aim is to manage the bases of drawing, painting and modeling, development of graphic skills, and a sense of composition and color.

The technological graphic preparation is a continuation of previous classes extended by using the maximal scale of relevant materials in other graphic techniques. It consists of theoretical and practical understanding of the technology of the paper support.

The advanced art training follows in the higher years of Bachelor studies and continues during the Master studies programme. Here, the students improve their drawing and painting skills and consult their actual conservation works from the graphic point of view. 

The atelier of the graphic preparation is connected with the theoretical education of perspective and anatomy. A part of the practical lessons is an introduction to and hands-on experience with digital photography and its usage in the computer programmes.

An integral part of the introductory art training is the ability to read a historici art work in terms of formal, contentual and technological aspects. Students are taught to be able to incorporate works of art into the larger artistic, technological and historical context (training of verbal analysis of works of art is included). The principles of the programme does not obstruct the individual development of their own creative abilities nor limit thein own activity.

Head of Studio

prof. akad. mal.

Faculty of Restoration


Faculty of Restoration
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