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The Department of Humanities provides and coordinates education of the humanitarian and socioscientific subjects within the Bachelor’s and following Master’s degree study programmes. It forms a substantial part of the so-called common base, in the framework of which students acquire the basic knowledge concerning scientific disciplines essential for  high-quality restoration activity. The history of art is studied in great detail, enabling the student to recognise, comprehend and classify a work of art, and understand its significance and value.

An integral part of the teaching process is a proseminar and seminar in art history and documentation. Students are taught the principles of documenting material relics of past cultures and as well as formulating professional texts. This serves as an introduction to issues concerning the elaboration of specialised restoration documentation. The research challenge is to make use of new possibilities in science and technology to confront problems and questions within art history.

Students in higher years are then acquainted with more complex issues of restoration work, art history, history, theory and practice of care of monuments as well as economical and legal aspects of the restoration profession.

The Department of Humanities also takes care of the archive collection of restoration documentation and student´s seminar projects created at the Faculty of Restoration along with other textual information and media.

Mgr. Vladislava Říhová, Ph.D.
Head of Department

Faculty of Restoration
prof. PhDr. Petr Fidler

Faculty of Restoration
Mgr. Petra Hečková, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Faculty of Restoration
PhDr. Tomáš Kupka, Ph.D., MBA
Vice Dean for Studies and Scientific Activities

Faculty of Restoration
Mgr. Jana Tmejová

Faculty of Restoration
Mgr. Zdeňka Míchalová, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Faculty of Restoration