Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities provides education of the humanitarian and socioscientific subjects and it can be studied in the Bachelor programme or in the following Master study programme. During the lessons the students gain basic knowledge about the scientific disciplines that are unsubstitutable for the efficient performance of the conservation activity. The students gradually obtain the information from the history, history of arts, aesthetics, philosophy, supporting historical sciences and history of the book culture. They are taught the principles of the creation of the skilled text that presents the introduction into the issue of the creation of the restoration records. They also study the basis of the specialised work with the literature sources and other origins of information.

The target activity of this department is to provide the students with essential information about the fields related with the realisation of the conservative intervention. Another task of the department is to take care of the archival collections of the conservation documentations and seminar papers written in the faculty and other informative funds.

The department is also charged with the care of the Museum of Restoration and Historical Technologies which was opened in 1998 after the adaptation of the so called Red Tower in the location of the Faculty of Restoration. It is a former part of the town fortification. It serves as a presentation of the faculty collections of the historici technologies of architecture, handicrafts and book culture which is consistent with the study programme.

The Department of Humanities is additionaly responsible for language education. The compulsory languages are English and Latin. Additionally, the students can choose other languages such as Italian and German.

Head of Department

prof. PhDr.

Faculty of Restoration
466 036 606


Faculty of Restoration
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Faculty of Restoration
466 036 607

Mgr. Vladislava Říhová, Ph.D., e-mail
PhDr. Tomáš Kupka, e-mail
Mgr. Jana Tmejova, e-mail
Mgr. Petra Hečková, Ph.D., e-mail
Mgr. Petr Horák, e-mail

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