Department of Chemical Technology

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The knowledge of materials of the historical objects, as well as materials used for their conservation and restoration, is one of the most important aims that the Faculty of Restoration emphasizes. The main aktivity of the Department of the Chemical Technology is, besides the general education in natural sciences, the close cooperation with other departments of the Faculty as well as with the scientific institutions within the European Union.

The classes can be divided into various areas. The first introductory part deals with the general chemistry. It is followed by the technological part that is specialised according to the appropriate field of study. It is devoted to the historical materials and materials for the restoration and conservation. The students are taught in the chemical behaviour, aging mechanisms or the procedures of the preparation of these materials. Additionally, the natural scientific methods of research of materials and technological principles of the main conservation processes are included into the teaching schedule. The supervision of some theoretical bachelors’ and masters’ thesis is also a part of the department duties.

Cooperation with other departments is conducted especially in the form of the chemical analyses, research and/or assisting in the selection of the appropriate materials and methods for the conservative treatment.

The Department of Chemical Technology has participated in a variety of national and international projects, such as the NAMO (project focused on the research of mortars of Nabatean culture, which was carried out under the precedent Institute of

Restoration and Conservation Techniques), ROCEM (project focused on the traditional historical binder - roman cement), STONECORE (use of lime nanosuspensions for consolidation of porous calcareous materials), ROCARE (use of the roman cement in a cultural heritage conservation) and FUNCTIONAL UV PROTECTIVE PAINT SYSTEMS projects (protective coatings with higher stability towards the UV radiation).