Studio of Restoration and Conservation of Stone and Related Materials

The task of the studio is to train experts in the field of conservation and restoration of stone and related materials (plaster, stucco, renderings, artificial marble and component materials). The Heritage Protection Bill defines the restoration of works of art as a summary of specific artistic, art and craft and technical processes respecting the technical and artistic structure of the original. This concept of restoration must be based on the current level of knowledge of historical values of monuments, and its quality must guarantee the preservation of the material substance of the monument itself. The studio programme is designed in accordance with the above-mentioned definition and with the interdisciplinary aspect of the field. During his or her studies, the student’s feeling for artistic expression is continuously cultivated together with the sculpting skills of the student. The Bachelor’s degree graduate must be independently capable of a complete restoration of a non-polychrome work of art or non-figural craftsman’s artifacts in stone, stucco, artificial stone and plaster. Furthermore, the graduate should be able to get engaged in routine restoration work, at heritage institutions, museums and galleries or other organisations in restoration field. The core of practise at the studio concerns two basic principles: an individual approach to the student as a personality, and an individual approach to authentic works of art which are unique not only in terms of their artistic, historical, and materiál aspects, but also thanks to the specific changes and evolution they have gone through.

Head of Studio
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Faculty of Restoration
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Faculty of Restoration
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Faculty of Restoration
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